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We will have our yearly meeting of the ArBCA Board at the AAA All-star Clinic at the Farris Center at UCA in Conway on Thursday June 25th at 1:30 p.m. We will also be presenting our Outstanding College programs of the year at the meeting. It will be an important business meeting and we need as many of you there as possible as well as all of our members & potential members so help us spread the word. Thursday is a big basketball day at the clinic. The speaker are University of Central Arkansas Russ Pennell from 9-10, and Karen Aston from the U of Texas from 10-11. Our meeting will be the first one after the break for lunch at 1:30 and will last until 2:30. Greg White of Gravette will speak until 3:30 and Vic Rimmer will speak until 4:30. Greg White and Vic Rimmer were selected by the ArBCA to represent us in the clinic and I hope we will be there to give them plenty of support. The All Star games will be Thursday night and 2 of our board members will be coaching Wayne Sherrer of Monticello in the Boys and Vic Rimmer from Fayetteville in the Girls game. We would like to have as many coaches and players who are to be honored there as possible. If the representative is unable to attend, please have someone from the school to pick up their plaque. Please help us spread the word so we can have a great turnout. We hope this is the start of some annual awards that we can give.